Our advisory board represents some of the most esteemed and accomplished thinkers in this field of endeavor.  The ideas they bring to Camerata Mediterranea – both as a collective group and individually from within their home institutions – present a rich diversity of thought in research and performance.

We present here a taste of some of their most notable contributions.  More publications can be accessed by contacting us directly.

The Word and the Sound:
Conceptualizing the Art of the Troubadour

An inquiring American musician pays tribute to the teaching of a noted French Occitan language poet and linguist

Early Music and the Orient
Early Music and the Orient:
An Update and a Mini-Symposium

An Update and a Mini-Symposium

Early Music America:
Shaker Focus and Beyond

Interview with Joel Cohen

Vernacular Monody
Vernacular Monody in the Middle Ages:
Canso, Cantiga, and Lauda


Medieval Instruments
Musical instruments in Medieval Mediterranean Europe
(12th – 13th centuries)