Camerata Mediterranea, a non-profit organization, is an intercultural institute of musical exchanges.

With homes in both France and the United DSCF3470States, Camerata Mediterranea devotes itself to research, dialogue, and pedagogy involving the diverse musical civilizations of the Mediterranean basin, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. It aims to revive the value of forgotten interactions. It intends to reestablish a dialogue, at once artistic, intellectual and human, among civilizations.

What is the purpose of Camerata Mediterranea?

Camerata Mediterranea encourages research and communication among specialists and artists of high level, knowledgeable in the traditions of their respective civilizations.

In Europe, the old sources are written. In the East, the main source of transmission is oral. These different ways of conceiving and apprehending musical art create problems which we propose to help overcome.

We want to address these different traditions, largely separate today but sharing many common and ancient roots. Beyond the intrinsic interest and beauty of these musical languages, we think that the current historical moment calls forth new gestures of openness and of exchange.

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Which music will we focus on?

We are especially concerned with early and traditional musical repertoires of southern Europe, Spanish and Iberic, and also Arabic, Arabo-Andalusian, Jewish, Ottoman, and other related repertoires of the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East.

Who is structuring the institute’s activities?

Joel Cohen, one of the foremost authorities in the research and performance of medieval and early music, directs the institute’s programs. Much of his recent work has involved the music of early Iberia and its three religions.

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